The local produces

The specialities of the Vendee and the Poitevin marshes

The local produces and specialities of the Vendee and the Poitevin marshes

Let’s take a look at the Vendée and the Poitevin marshes from the point of view of food lovers. On holiday we like to relax and discover local specialities – what do you know about the local ones?

We are going to take you on a tour of a few that we like, in the guise of a menu of colours of the Vendée and the marsh people and we will also make suggestions for treats to fill your picnic basket with.

A Vendée meal

Let’s start with the préfou, created by the baker in Fontaine, south Vendée who married a slightly leavened loaf around thirty centimetres long with fresh garlic and salted butter which became the Préfou.

You can find it in all the good bakeries in the south Vendée area and it even has different variations but we prefer the original recipe we have described. It is served with the apéritifs – just needs warming through in the oven.

For drinks, why not try troussepinette – a local drink that is great as an apéritif, made locally from thorns. Or as we are near to the Charente why not try the famous pineau des Charentes?


Oysters from Vendee


For the starter why not choose oysters and seafood to remind us that we are in a maritime area.

If you don’t like seafood don’t worry you can have le farci poitevin, cabbage leaves stuffed with cooked vegetable paté.

Why not try the Vendée foie gras? Vendée is a region known for its duck-rearing and foie gras.

For your main course you can choose between duck or chicken of Challans. Did you know that the duck of Challans is served at the ‘Tour d’Argent’ in Paris? It is the pressed duck of chef Claude Terrail.


Duck breast


Noirmoutier or ile de Ré potatoes are an ideal accompaniment together with the numerous vegetables locally grown by the marshland inhabitants.

If you like to try new things ask for ‘Mogettes’ a local vegetable – a simple white bean, often served with the local ham.

Your cheese course choice is huge – from goats cheese to half goat’s/half cow’s cheese to cow’s cheese. Try the caillebotte.

Your dessert course could be a strawberry tart or an apple or pear tart (in season) from the local orchards.

With your meal enjoy a local Fief Vendéen in red, rosé or white – find out which one you prefer!


Wine from The Vendée


To finish a drop of liqueur d’angélique made from the iconic plant of the Poitevin marshes.

All of your courses will be seasoned with salt from the local salt flats of course!


What about a picnic ?

Picnic basket

If you are having a picnic, here is how to keep everyone happy! Pack the following:

• A tin of sardines from Saint Gilles Croix de Vie
• Potted duck
• A local melon
• Or be adventursous and try the Coypu pie or snail paté
Local country ham
Brioche, a gâche (different type of brioche loaf) or a gâteau minute (a type of local sponge cake) make a great ending to your picnic
• Why not have a locally brewed beer to go with your picnic?